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ARTIST: Charles Burns

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Anthony from the Back
Oil on paper
18 x 24cm

Clayfield Copse
Watercolour on paper
12 x 18cm




Sarah on Green Cloth
Oil on paper
24 x 18cm

Watch Folly I
Oil on paper
24 x 18cm


Artist's statement:

In one way or another I’ve spent my whole life drawing. As a shy and awkward 1970’s teenager drawing was the one thing that seemed to connect me with others; my ability to draw enabled me to make friends and helped to define my own sense of self. In many ways it still does.

The activity of drawing can take many forms. My favourite (reflecting the way I was taught) is to use a 3B pencil on paper. Today, after many happy years spent cutting silhouette portraits, this is followed a close second by a pair of scissors! Whether drawing or cutting I always begin a piece by just looking, then by allowing my hands to respond naturally to what I see.

The western tradition of drawing from the nude has long been important to me. I experiment with a wide variety of styles and materials, from watercolour and collage to oil paint and digital media. I sketch, cut, tear and paint my pictures, usually working with one method for six months to a year before moving on to the next. In that time I may make hundreds of pictures, only a few of which will ever be seen in exhibition. I’ve always enjoyed working fast! In between, while waiting for new inspiration, I simply draw with a pencil.

Tel: 0118 947 6637
Address: Mays Barn Studio, Emmer Green, Reading RG4 8UA
Website: www.roving-artist.com/charles






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