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ARTIST: Philip Davies

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Forged vase with helices
Reclaimed steel

Forged plate, with selection of ligulae
Reclaimed steel, offcuts




From the forge 3: shoreline
Reclaimed steel and wood, brick

From the forge 1
Reclaimed steel and wood, brick


Artist's statement:

Philip Davies (b.1951) is a retired English teacher, a trained carpenter now working voluntarily for a local charity, and a member of the British Artist Blacksmiths’ Association. His inspiration comes from aspects of Japanese aesthetics, using the principles of “wabi sabi”. These principles may be exemplified in e.g. Zen gardens and ceramics used for tea ceremonies. The principles include Shizen (naturalness), Fukinsei (assymetry), Datzozuko (distinctiveness), etc. Philip’s sculptures include elements such as orishigane (smelted steel) and shu shugi ban (charred wood) and fire-eroded ceramic, while his woodwork employs decorative recycled timber for mainly practical items. Having started early with few tools, he was constrained to make what he could not afford to buy and this still occupies a good deal. While his work is for sale, it is not for his personal profit.






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