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ARTIST: Paul Manning

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Eskdale Falls, Eskdale, Lake District
Watercolour, ink, pencil
31 x 21cm

St Michael's Mount, Cornwall
Watercolour, ink, pencil
36 x 26cm




St Mary's Church House (Bill's restaurant), Reading
Watercolour, ink, pencil
26 x 16cm

Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye
Watercolour, ink, pencil
27 x 24cm


Artist's statement:

I trained as an architectural draughtsman and paint in watercolour, ink, and pencil.

My paintings follow two strands - one mainly of architectural subjects, while the other route covers rocky landscapes which begin to move towards abstraction.

Besides my own interest in buildings my initial inspiration for architectural paintings was John Piper, whereas I am now incorporating Mondrian type grids to provoke a more unusual visual experience.

Landscapes of Scotland and the Lake District are influenced by John Singer Sargent's treatments of rocky views in his quarry and Alpine paintings.

I am working on developing both of these areas, to create and maintain an individual style.

Contact details
Email: paulmm1235@live.co.uk
Text: 07957 079177






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