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ARTIST: Bhamini Markella

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Rose window
Sewn fabric scraps
52 x 52cm

Indian elephant
Fabric and embroidery
28 x 22cm




Sewn fabric scraps
66 x 56cm

Embroidered window
Fabric and embroidery
55 x 55cm


Artist's statement:

I value our planet and love to craft through Up-cycling. I enjoy experimenting and after many years of sewing items of utility I have started to create textile art from donated old jeans, t-shirts, various discarded clothes and fabric scraps. I begin with drawing a large shape or design and use a sewing machine to attach scraps to bring out the design. These are then overlaid with hand cut shapes and machine embroidery as well as other embellishments to develop the composition. I reuse card and boards for mounting and many of my frames are made from reclaimed wood.

The colours and images of India have influenced me to represent animals and colours that are prevalent and symbolic in Indian society. Inspired by the Rose windows of the Paris Notre Dame threatened by fire earlier this year, I was moved to create a fabric version of the vibrant round stained glass windows. I have morphed the bold geometry of the circular window with the idea of the all-encompassing and never-ending mandala representing a spiritual journey for its viewer.


Contact: Bhamini@edelweisscraft.co.uk






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