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ARTIST: Lizzie Perkins

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Stargazer & Trumpet Lilies
Watercolour & ink
88 x 86cm

Eurasian Wolf
Watercolour & gouache
30 x 42cm




Geranium, Hellebore,
Fatsia & Fern
32 x 71cm

30 x 42cm


Artist's statement:

Watercolours & screen-prints

It would be fair to say that I love both of these media equally but they both require a very different approach. Watercolour is the most demanding. Its capacity for detail is unlimited but it’s also a medium that does what it wants a lot of the time and the trick is to let it rip (up to a point) yet still stay in control to get the outcome you want. I use a lot of masking techniques to enable integrity of background and creativity in effect.

My other love which is screen-printing is immensely satisfying. It’s a discipline which requires simplification of shape and separation of colours, and my technique is limited in that all my stencils are hand-cut out of newsprint no matter how intricate they need to be. This gives the sharp, clean cut-edge definition (Reindeer) that I like so much and the fragility of the newsprint keeps edition numbers exclusively low!

I paint either straight from life (Stargazer & Trumpet Lilies and Hellebore, Fatsia & Fern) or I create studio prints from my own photographs. Digital images go straight into my computer where I create the black & white outlines which I print in different sizes. I then create a story-board to arrive at the composition I want, and finally a series of stencil masters to work from as many times as there are colours.

In simpler designs this technique becomes very manageable, enabling me to give tuition to children and adults alike – all of whom become equally addicted!

Lizzie Perkins, 2018

Website: www.lizzieprints.com






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