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ARTIST: Jane Somner

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Godolphin Stables
Watercolour on paper
25 x 19cm

Porte Renaissance
Watercolour & Ink on paper
21 x 29cm




Pots & Pears
Watercolour on paper
21 x 29cm

Coastal Cow Parsley
Oil on canvas
31 x 31cm


Artist's statement:

I have always been a 'painter'. Right from the beginning I spent my pocket money on materials - brushes, paper, pencils, paints, whatever I could get my hands on! The passion was further fuelled at school, where I really was only interested in art. Having to earn a living at a young age, it wasn't possible for me to 'further my education' and painting became a hobby rather than providing a living. Painting courses and London and Cornish exhibitions became my artistic lifelines and allowed me to explore and develop my skills. I was fortunate to be tutored by Anthony Wilder for several years.

I love using watercolour and enjoy the way the medium has a life of its own. Sometimes I combine watercolour with inks, pastels or crayons to provide a different dimension, particularly to still life paintings.

I am attracted to old doorways, window shutters and locks and bolts. A recent dive into oils, for landscape and seascape paintings, has been really exciting as I am always keen to try new things.

In 2013 I exhibited in a 'one-man show' in Carennac, France. I am a member of the Beenham art group.

Email: jane.somner@ntlworld.com
Mobile: 07917 046542






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