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ARTIST: Clive Williams

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Boardwalk, Sweden
Oil on board
50 x 38cm

Mixed media on paper
40 x 40cm




Greek Fantasy
Mixed media and collage
50 x 50cm

L' mdina, Malta
Watercolour sketch
20 x 12cm


Artist's statement:

I studied painting and drawing under Ian Humphreys in the early 1970's as a mature student and my work often crosses over between traditional portraiture to experimental abstract using any medium I feel best suits the subject. I love colour and design and am forever swept away by beauty in whatever form it appears – dance, poetry, art, music, nature, the universe… and everything!

I was born in 1942 at Bristol, England and studied engineering which gave me the opportunity to continue my interests in music and the arts. In the 1990's I started a company providing expertise in Geographical Information Systems for the computing industry. At the last count, my work has been sold to USA, Germany, China, Sweden, Netherlands, Portugal, France and Australia. I would be pleased to answer any enquiry without obligation regarding commissions or purchase of work.

My website is www.clivewilliams.co.uk






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