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Picture of the Month

September 2017
by Helen Watson

Crabapples and Pears

Crabapples & Pears
Collage & acrylic ink
28 x 28cm


In looking through the sixty paintings on the online gallery there were several that I kept going back to. On each visit they rewarded the repeat viewing, so to select just one took much thought, but the painting that most stayed in my mind was Crabapples and Pears by Helen Watson.

The composition, with its diagonal emphasis from top right to bottom left is nicely opposed and balanced by the implied line of the stray leaf (top left) and the plate. The abstract form of the background is intriguing - is that a window and blue sea, with a darkened cliff face in the top right corner?

The way the darker pear on the plate takes a segment out of the pear behind it is also pleasing. Clever colour combinations, together with a controlled looseness in the drawing create a very likeable and eye catching image.

Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Paul Manning


The Reading Guild of Artists (RGA), founded in 1930, is a diverse group of professional and amateur artists in the Berkshire area.

The RGA holds regular creative art workshops and free art exhibitions throughout the year.



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The next RGA Fridays is Rip Off!!! with RGA Chair Anthony Wilder on 29 Sep. and the next Earley Painters is My Studio 3 Oct.

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Updated: 20 Sep 2017


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