Clare Buchta

Three-dimensional landscape
(Room 2)
Canal boat moored at calm waters edge
(Room 2)
Trees along a riverbank
(Room 2)

Reading is blessed with a number of waterways, although these are often not appreciated and cared for as they should be.


77. Horseshoe Bridge, Metal horseshoe and collage, NFS

I have based this 3D artwork on an actual horseshoe in memory of the working horses that used the horseshoe bridge whilst towing barges up and down the river. The artwork uses collages of paintings done in the local area of the waterways and trees. This bridge is an important structure, listed, but unknown to many. The confluence of the two rivers emphasises how lucky Reading is to have lovely waterways to enjoy.


78. Resting Up on the Thames, Oils, 76 x 56cm, £350 framed

79. Quiet Moment on the River, Oils, 56 x 76cm, £350 framed

The two paintings of the Thames are of views from the towpath as you approach Reading along the Thames. An often forgotten and neglected area which was recently brought to everyone's attention when a flyover next to the Thames was proposed. This would have blighted this quiet peaceful walk along the towpath. Fortunately the planning for this was rejected and consequently some improvements to the area had started to be made.

For more about the artist, see RGA Gallery page: Clare Buchta