ARCHIVE: This page and the linked Catalogue Entries are from the first instalment of the exhibition launched in September 2020. It has now been archived and will no longer be updated. For the exhibition launched in November 2020, please see Expanded & Revisited.


Updated: 25 Sep 2020

Montage of buildings and sights
93. The Modern Reading Mural
Painted paper collage, 400 x 100cm
Mixed Media Monday Group*, NFS*

You can see this work in more detail in our Online Exhibition (Room 1)


Our first Guest Choice has been made by
RGA Honorary Member Sarah Hacker

My choice has to be 93. The Modern Reading Mural by Mixed Media Monday Group.

It brings me so much joy every time I see this piece and means so much. I was lucky to be asked to formally unveil this wonderful mural and it is such a happy memory. It also represents the things I have missed and relied on over the last few months. It features the Thames which I visited with my family during our once-a-day trips out, just feeding the ducks or visiting Caversham Court Gardens and Christchurch Meadows. It shows Forbury Gardens which is where I made my first big trip out of the house to join the Black Lives Matter protests and where we had a long awaited Greggs picnic (family tradition) at the end of August. It shows the town I love and the community which rallied round and helped each other during lockdown. It also shows the things I am looking forward to like a trip around the Abbey, a visit to Reading Museum and just being out and about with friends. It's a happy picture and a hopeful picture and we need those things at the moment.

Sarah Hacker



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