Mary Law

Old redbrick building with blue window frames
(Room 2)
View of high street with town hall in the distance
(Room 5)
Church and churchyard
(Room 5)

46. Riverside Museum, Oil on canvas board, 44 x 44cm, £125

This painting was an interesting subject as not only was it "en plein air" but also two RGA fellow artists were holding an exhibition in the museum at the time of their own art!


47. Henley Town, Oil on mdf gessoed board, 30 x 38cm, £125

A cold, bright sunny day in Henley looking down from the town hall towards the river! I was painting with a small group of artists from RGA and remember it being a quite chilly but very relaxed, enjoyable day!


48. Shiplake Church, Oil on mdf gessoed board, 38 x 30cm, £125

This was painted "en plein air" with a group of RGA artists on one of our SUMMER PAINTING DAYS! A full day out with a picnic break and chat which made for an enjoyable, relaxed and fun experience!