Thérèse Lawlor

Building at night in the snow
(Room 3)
People in front of colourful market stalls
(Room 1)
River boat on the canal with buildings and trees behind
(Room 2)

10. Moonlit Reading School on a snowy evening, Mixed media, 52 x 43cm, £200

11. Wednesday's Street Food in Market Place, Mixed Media, 52 x 43cm, £150

12. Old and New by the Canal, Oil pastel, 52 x 43cm, £100

Thérèse has lived in Reading for over 30 years and uses the town as inspiration for her work. She develops paintings from sketches she makes on location around the town in 'concertina' sketchbooks – often on RGA Summer Painting Days or with Reading's Urban Sketchers. Many of the scenes captured become greeting cards with the history of the place on the back. Some of her work has represented Reading with its twin town of Düsseldorf and she has been commissioned to depict many local buildings for promotions or as presents. She is very happy to discuss commissions.

For more about the artist, see RGA Gallery page: Thérèse Lawlor