Calina Lefter

White tree trunks on a pink background
(Room 3)
Orchard with a lilac sky
(Room 5)
Trees on a colourful background
(Room 5)

81. Floating Lights, Oil and collage on deep canvas, 40 x 40cm, £185 framed

I have always been attached to the colour and shape of the birch tree, maybe because it reminds me of the lands I grew up in. Lately I discovered the beauty of the extensive oak landscapes in Reading's surroundings and yet I long for a group of birches in a forest until I found them one day! Clayfield Copse gave me this opportunity where I was inspired for my birch painting "Floating Lights".


82. Frosty Orchard, Oil, acrylic and wood stain on deep canvas, 30 x 30cm, £150 unframed

Reading has many farms on its countryside. What could be more enjoyable than a family picnic under an apple tree next to other apple trees? The orchard! This idea challenged me to create a winter atmosphere in the Reading countryside landscape that turns the air into intense purple colour.


83. Winter Hillside, Oil, acrylic and wood stain on deep canvas, 20 x 20cm, £155 framed

For more about the artist, see RGA Gallery page: Calina Lefter