Michael Norcross

Geese grazing on a green meadow
(Room 3)
Trees casting long reflections across a watery meadow
(Room 3)
A large walnut tree in full bright green leaf
(Room 3)

71. Christchurch Meadows: Winter Geese, Oil on canvas, 100 x 100cm, £2000 unframed

72. Reflections on Water and Ice: Christchurch Meadows, Oil on canvas, 64.5 x 54.5cm, £695 including frame

73. Caversham Court: October, Oil on canvas, 64 x 84cm, SOLD

Reading's parks and green spaces along the Thames and Kennet are special to anyone living in the area and I feel fortunate they are on the doorstep of my Caversham studio. In addition to exercise and relaxation they offer me a wonderful resource and an endless supply of subject matter and ideas for painting. The row of poplars bordering Christchurch Meadows have become icons which have found their way into many of my pictures over the years; and the meditative tranquillity of Caversham Court Gardens has become another favourite of mine. I have painted them in all seasons, times of day and weather, yet they never fail to offer new possibilities.



Mobile number: 07734441814

For more about the artist, see RGA Gallery page: Michael Norcross