Carole Stephens

Colourful bunches of flowers in two vases
(Room 4)
Potting bench, shed and flowers with young tomato plants
(Room 4)
Blue vases of flowers and compost bin
(Room 4)

My 'Reading in Lockdown' pictures:


84. Overblown, Pen, ink, paint and wash, 37 x 55cm, £110 unframed, £180 framed

Lockdown was very claustrophobic, physically and emotionally. In this painting I had escaped into the garden, and drew the flowers against a background of burgeoning spring colour. My favourite little jug of special roses is in the foreground.


85. Sarah Raven's Tomato Plants, Pen and ink and wash, 37 x 55cm, £110 unframed, £180 framed

Can you find the tiny tomato seedling lurking amongst the chaos of all the flowers? The mess of garden furniture gives way to view of the garden. Nature carried on despite lockdown.


86. Midday Sun, Pen and ink and wash, 55 x 37cm, £110 unframed, £180 framed

The sun was burning through the glass. In focusing on the beautiful flowers in front of me, I almost forgot the emotional and physical restraints then weighing on me.


For more about the artist, see RGA Gallery page: Carole Stephens