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December 2016
by Clare Buchta

Pic of the Month

Autumn at Dinton Pastures
Oil on card




I have admired Clare's work since the first time I saw them and the very individual way that she uses oil and print methods in her pictures. This painting, in particular, strikes such an accord with me - I have spent many happy hours walking my dogs around Dinton Pastures through all seasons and weather. Autumn, however, is my favourite and Clare has captured not only the colours, but the soft, lingering glint of sunshine on the water so often seen first thing in the morning or at dusk. The smudgy, storm-threatening sky suggests the latter to me and reminds me that I had better pick up the pace if I don't want to get wet!

Chosen from our online Gallery by Nikki Carr


November 2016
by Nikki Carr

Picture of the month November

Heavy Burden
oil on canvas
345 x 290mm




This painting draws my attention, as it reminds me of people who were dear to me. My mind travels back to happy childhood memories once left behind. Nicki has painted beautifully the fine details. Then I look again I feel the loneliness and sorrow. Once played an important role in every aspect of life, then became a Heavy Burden. Nicki has painted a biography of someone's life.

Chosen from our online Gallery by Salma Haque


October 2016
by Salma Haque

Rocky Waterfall 1

Rocky Waterfall 1
Acrylic on board
80 x 49cm



I've chosen this painting because it is not 'contained' within the frame, there is the feeling it rolls out from the confines of the rectangle. I like the strokes and there is an incredible amount of movement which really gives it an alive vibrancy of flow. Also the image is not 'straightened' it is on an angle which is exactly how you would see the scene from the bank which despite the impressionist style gives it a sense of realism too, we are seeing it from her eyes and not from where the scene has been placed on the surface. There is so much going on in stroke, style, texture and observation and yet the overall effect is organic and natural, the eye just goes round and round finding new things, there is a 'modernist' feel to the rocks but then the water flows around them with a tonality of light and shade which sets the temperature.

Chosen from our online Gallery by Peg Salaün-Smith

September 2016
by Peg Salaün-Smith

Septembers Picture of the Month






Gill has chosen 'Ecosse' by Peg Salaun-Smith.

"I love the way Peg has used colour, shape and form for this abstract painting. The calm blue gentle sky protecting the chaos of the landscape."

Chosen from our online Gallery by Gill Cheesman

August 2016
by Gill Cheesman

August Pic of the Month





I would like to nominate Gill Cheesman's 'Flowers'. I love this drawing as I like the way she has used negative space and a limited colour palette.


Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Roberta Tetzner


July 2016
by Roberta Tetzner

Picture of the Month

Joyful walk through the city
mixed media
on canvas
80 x 80cm




I had a hard time selecting something but was determined to choose a work I liked by someone I didn't already know. What struck me about this piece was how the heightened colour and composition suggested some kind of memory of a place, half remembered but much cherished.



Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Robert Fitzmaurice


June 2016
by Robert Fitzmaurice

Picture of the Month June 2016

Mighty waters rolling evermore
oil on card
31 x 41cm





I am always attracted to figurative art, and weirdness is a good addition!

I like the slightly surreal and dreamlike quality of this picture. The characters of indeterminate age have a knowing and somewhat supercilious look, I feel they have just turned, having become aware that I am watching them…

I also appreciate the use of Wordsworth for the title!


Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Lou Jessop


May 2016
by Lou Jessop

Running with wolves

Running with Wolves
Relief applique and
woollen hand stitching




I have chosen "Running with Wolves" by Lou Jessop.

I greatly admire Lou Jessop's textile pieces, involving such creative use of recycled materials. I love the colour palette and dynamism of this exuberant work. I especially enjoy the composition with one wolf running into the scene from the right, across the red stitched lilac border.

Lou was part in the Caversham Arts Trail 2016.


Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Helen Lunn


April 2016
by Helen Lunn

Picture of the Month

Discovery 4
Mixed media
13 x 13cm




For April Ksenija Krotin has chosen Helen Lunn's "Discovery 4".

"I am always fascinated with Helen's ideas of reality, shapes of memory, colourful imagination and the spirit which lie beyond measurement. But this one is more than that, it is deeper. Something new is discovered every time when I see it."


Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Ksenija Krotin


March 2016
by Ksenija Krotin

picture of the month

Somewhere in Between
40 x 60cm
Silkscreen print




There is something very special to me about an image made using print techniques.

Here Ksenija has captured everything I love about printmaking – clear translucent colour, big bold shapes, clever use of white space and the finishing touch of fine vertical lines.

I can see the Orient here in the colour and soft blackish shapes reminding me of Chinese Junks crossing the Harbour in Macao during the joy of Chinese New Year Celebrations.

Thank you Ksenija.


Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Joy Frey


February 2016
by Joy Frey

Picture of the month

Cyclone Moon
Lino and monotype print




I love the use of colour and composition of this print. The various tones of blue make me feel like I am looking through water which has light pouring onto it. It makes me feel joyous.



Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Roberta Tetzner


January 2016
by Roberta Tetzner

Picture of the Month

Joyful walk through the city
mixed media
on canvas
80 x 80cm




For the new year Pauline has chosen Roberta Tetzner's “Joyful walk through the city”.

“I have chosen this painting because it's a bit different. I love the feeling of claustrophobic brightness which suggests to me a teeming city at night. It's exciting and chaotic and I love it.”



Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Pauline Twyman


December 2015
by Pauline Twyman

Picture of the month

Patchwork pots
Oil on canvas
40 x 50cm





I have chosen this beautiful painting for its beautiful, vibrant use of colour and pattern.

It's a reminder of a different season as we move into cold, wintry weather. I can imagine how lovely this patch of the garden must have been in bright sunlight.

I particularly enjoy the deep, rich orange of nasturtiums with the purply blue flowers.

Pauline's painterly style with strong drawing is always a delight.



Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Emily Gillmor


November 2015
by Emily Gillmor

picture of the month




Emily Gillmor's work of a Mauve Jug with yellow flower has been chosen by Belinda Fitzwilliams for November's Picture of the Month.

"I have been teaching from Still Life objects for many years, and I am attracted particularly to this print by Emily. The superb composition with the spaces being equally important, colour choice and overall simplicity add to its attraction".


Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Belinda Fitzwilliams


October 2015
by Belinda Fitzwilliams

picture of the month october

Market Street




Belinda's paintings of figures in the landscape are always so well balanced on every count. Her colour and compositional skills are always so strong and reliably good.
I had great difficulty in choosing just one from her two paintings ..., both 'Art Class' and 'Market Street' paintings show Belinda's experienced hand. For me the exciting ultramarine blue areas in both works make the paintings sing!


Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Jean Aust


September 2015
by Jean Aust

picture of the month

Red Dawn
Collage & Pastel
30 x 40cm



I have chosen this image by Jean Aust because of the exciting and vibrant colour palette. I am immediately drawn into the picture plane and intrigued by it. There is such a strong sense of mystery and narrative. The texture also really appeals to me and within the image there are lots of exciting juxtapositions and a sense of layering which holds the eye in such a satisfying way.

Jean is such an inspiration and I love her work.


Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Mary Hickson


August 2015
by Mary Hickson

Picture of the Month August

Sunset tree
Relief print onto gelatine monoprint
20 x 20cm




This is Sunset Tree by Mary Hickson.

I am a great fan of printing and mono printing in particular. This mono print by Mary, with overprinting really appealed to me because of the bold shapes and complementary colours. The use of the printing method gives a lovely graduation towards the light, and the overprinting breaks up the colours to give a lovely dappled effect.

I feel as if I am in an ancient wood as the light is fading, conjuring up a feeling of comfort as if I was one of the creatures that lived there, safe in the tree roots.


Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Clare Buchta


July 2015
by Clare Buchta

Picture of the month July 2015

Porto Paulo - Sicily




What a super surprise when I went onto the RGA website as we have some new Clare Buchta work!

I think Porto Paulo - Sicily is just wonderful. I saw her work at the Summer Show and can honestly say it blew me away!

I chose this 'painting' as it travels towards abstraction - and yet you know you are in Porto Paulo Sicily. The colours and textures are inspired and I love the cubist feel. I know nothing about mono-type and this work has inspired me to find out about it and to have a go. Clare has a gift for transporting the viewer to other climes as well as 'mono-typing'!

Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Jane Somner


June 2015
by Jane Somner

Locked out
Watercolour and ink on paper
27 x 36cm




What lies behind this locked weathered door? Is it a shed or barn we can not enter? For although the chain and bolt have rusted the padlock looks quite new. We are told that we are "Locked out", or could it be that something is "Locked in". This door has had its repairs in the past, perhaps the locks are stronger than the timber holding them in place...

I love a picture which can tell a story, especially when it isn't necessarily an obvious one. The details of Jane's painting are so well observed, the links of the chain with its weight and tension as the lock pulls it together. The curves of the bolt and all its parts as well as the knots and grain of the wood are perfect. But why have we been "Locked out"...?

Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Martina Hildebrandt


May 2015
by Martina Hildebrandt

picture of the month may

Deep in Conversation
44 x 34cm




Martina's prints jump out at me from the Online Picture Gallery!

Using traditional linocut techniques she produces startlingly contemporary images. Especially her ability to capture our current obsession with small screens. How often have you been in a situation when the person you are trying to communicate with has their face buried in a mobile phone. It makes me mad! Martina has brilliantly captured this frustration in her tongue in cheek prints. Her work obviously strikes a cord in the people who buy her work.
Using mainly black ink on coloured or printed papers, Martina's prints are unmistakeable.

Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Carole Stephens


April 2015
by Lou Jessop

picture of the month

The Orange Cat
woolen handstich/relief applique




A change from the usual "Picture of the Month", for April, we have our Marie Dyson Award winner Lou Jessop with The Orange Cat, as chosen by sculptor John Buckley at our 85th Annual Exhibition "Take Reality by Surprise!".

Marie Dyson Award Appeal

Since 1968, the Marie Dyson Award has been presented to one of our members at the Annual Exhibition for a piece of work judged to be of outstanding merit by an invited assessor.

Although we have a list of winners' names, the RGA doesn't have a comprehensive "Visual Record" of all the works that have won this award and we would like to rectify this. Can you help? If you have any information at all, be it the name of a work, a photograph of it, newspaper cutting or perhaps you own one of the works, please contact Martina at webmaster@rga-artists.org.uk



March 2015
by Carole Stephens

picture of the month march 2015





One thing I love about this painting is the vibrant, joyous use of colour. I also envy the way Carole achieves a seemingly carefree looseness in her paintings - something that might look easy but pulling it off well requires the artist to be truly on top of their game.


Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Linda Saul


February 2015
by Linda Saul

pic of the month

Harbour wall Polperro
mixed media
49 x 48cm




I am particularly drawn to this image due to it evoking an early childhood memory of living in Padstow when on one occasion my school books were thrown into the harbor at low tide. Being a fairly fearless child I climbed down to retrieve them not realizing how muddy it would be!

Compositionally the image clearly demonstrates the old adage that less is more and that there is always something to paint or draw. Again Linda demonstrates her ability through her beautiful use of colour and mark making.


Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Carole Pembrooke


January 2015
by Carole Pembrooke

picture of the month december

Tripping the light fantastic
Mixed medium
40 x 48cm




I saw this piece of work in an exhibition and seriously thought about buying it - for some reason I didn't, maybe it had already been sold - but it ticked all the boxes.

I keep telling myself that there must be more to life than just making pictures and this work is a fine illustration of how it is possible to push one's art over the horizon. It has an immediate humorous appeal which cannot fail but to bring a smile and then, on closer inspection, the medium of stitching, fabric and colouring is ingenious, skillful and comes as an unexpected surprise. As if that wasn't enough, I found the subject matter reveals what some of us are like inside, under that exterior shell of propriety - i.e. romantic, devil may care and slightly crazy. The final element which ensures that this work will go on giving is that it asks questions, then leaves you returning time after time to try to find the answers. Marc Chaggal would have loved it.


Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Clive Williams


December 2014
by Clive Williams

picture of the month december

Water and Land
Mixed Media and Gold
28.5 x 28.5cm



I find Clive's work pleasing to look at and he has considerable skill in realism, as witnessed by the portrait in the RGA Gallery. However, I particularly like his ability to abstract subject matter without losing contact with the visual origin of the picture. 'Water and Land' would be a striking abstract image independent of its subject matter, but the composition developed from an aerial view of a piece of coastline, gives the picture an interest which it would lack without the connection to reality. This is, perhaps a personal preoccupation in my own work, as I know how difficult it can be to see through the detail of reality to a clear view of the essence of one's subject in terms of colour and form and to capture this in an image which connects with the viewer. Add to this my lifelong appreciation of cartography and geomorphology and Clive's painting was bound to appeal to me. Although Clive has defined the medium as 'mixed media' there is a sense of transparency in the blue areas which give the appearance of watercolour and seem to suggest areas of 'water' that are actually the areas of 'land'. This apparent reversal adds a dimension and extends the abstraction of the composition.

Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Richard Cave


November 2014
by Richard Cave

picture of the month

London Nightlife
32 x 24cm





When Richard sent me his submission for the RGA Online Art Gallery and I began preparing the images for the website, London Nightlife evoked a whole array of emotions for me, which is why I have chosen it for November's "Picture of the Month". The title gives little away, immediately, however, I recognised Paddington Station, as anyone who travels between Reading and London regularly may do. Having lived half of my life at one end of the journey and the other half at the other end, the feelings of home, excitement, weariness, hustle, speed, adventure and comfort all mix together. My mind is filled with the noise of the trains, the echoes of the concourse, where people speed along or stand completely still, where the smell of coffee, and rain, and train combine. And where a small bear from Darkest Peru may be in deep conversation with the architect Brunel; let the imagination run free...

Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Martina Hildebrandt


September 2014
by Rukshi Brownlow

Storm Coming
Oil inks on paper
70 x 70cm





The simplicity and peaceful feel is what attracts me to this painting. The limited cool pallet adds to the calm. Distance is often enhanced by fading into the background but here the dark skyline still works well and the placid sea is in contrast to the active sky. This creates the tension you would expect from the title but not enough to break the peace. There are times and places we look for tranquility rather than challenge and this painting would fit that situation well.

Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by David Cotton


August 2014
by David Cotton

Autumn gold
560 x 460mm





Essentially it is an image of trees reflected in water using a restricted palette of cool colours.

What, I think, really grabs my attention is the simplicity of the abstract structure that underpins the image, giving such strength. That abstraction is a repetition of triangles; in the trees; in the water; on the grass; in the background and sky where the triangles become fragmented.

It is an image of rich darkness versus light, and what light!! David has used a master stroke by sandwiching the luscious limey green/yellow between the deep blues and browns. The depth of the blue accentuates the luminescence of the lime green and his very sparing use of brush strokes of emerald and turquoise blue pull the whole image together. Utterly delicious!!                  

Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Joy Frey


July 2014
by Joy Frey

Lino print, monoprint and collage
Unique image
45 x 30cm





"As someone who loves abstract art, Joy Frey's 'Buoys' appealed to me immediately. The work conveys a wonderful mood through deceptive simplicity. The clever pared-down abstraction with bold shapes and strong gestural marks definitely suggests buoys bobbing on the water. I really like the way Joy has created so skilfully in a minimalist style an interesting composition which includes movement and solidity by her considered layering through the combination of two printing techniques and collage. And of course the colours are delicious! It looks like this is a big picture - but on checking the dimensions I see it is actually relatively small."                  

Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Liz Real


June 2014
by Liz Real

Balmore Park Sunday Morning
Paper collage
80 x 59cm





Jean Aust's choice for June is Liz Real’s 'Balmore Park Sunday Morning'.

Jean says "Liz’s works are both highly imaginative and thoughtfully executed. This particular collage has strong composition with good colour balance.  Her landscapes deal with the complexities of the real world in a simple yet lively manner. In Liz’s hands mixed media is used with the eye of experience."                                


Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Jean Aust




May 2014
by Jean Aust

The Giant Cryptomeria
Chalk & Charcoal
38 x 46cm



For May, Lynda South has chosen Jean Aust's 'The Giant Cryptomeria'. "This is a powerful drawing which really gives a feeling of the strength and solidity of the tree. Jean's work seems to always be evolving, finding new ways of depicting her subject matter - I think this is the appeal of her work for me".

This is our twelfth "Picture of the Month", marking one year where members have chosen from the Online Art Gallery an image which they admire, aspire to, or simply enjoy. It seems appropriate that Lynda has chosen an image by Jean, the artist whose original idea it was to have a "Picture of the Month"! Thank you Jean for this engaging idea.


Chosen from our Online Art Gallery by Lynda South


RGA Exhibiting Artists who supply work for the Online Art Gallery have the opportunity for one of their works to be chosen for our Picture of the Month on the Home page by the previous month's artist.


April 2014
by Lynda South

The Ridgeway
by Lynda South



A change from the usual "Picture of the Month", for April, we have our Marie Dyson Award winner Lynda South with "The Ridgeway".

An accolade for one of our members each year is the Marie Dyson Award. All artists who submit work to the Annual Exhibition are eligible. Marie Dyson led a group of relatively new members to expand the range of Guild activities in the early 1960s and her contributions and influence were long-lasting in the Guild. After her untimely death in 1967, the generosity of her husband, Dr J. Dyson FRS and of her friends created this award which is given for a work of outstanding merit.

The assessor for this year's Marie Dyson Award was Dr Gill Hopper, Head of Art, University of Reading.

"Gill was impressed by the wide range of styles and materials used by the exhibitors, with each piece of work showing real charm ..., she felt it was a difficult, if not an impossible task to choose just one. The three key factors she used to choose the winner were: technical ability & composition, interpretation of the title, and the one she was most personally drawn to."


March 2014
by Charles Burns

Sarah on Green Cloth
Oil on paper
24 x 18cm



"I thought this was a few minutes work but it took ages - now I know how judges feel!

There are so many things I admire here. For me the drawing in any painting is absolutely key and the drawing here is just that - the form has been very sensitively and completely captured from an unusual and challenging perspective. I can feel the relaxation in it. The whole has then been thrown into relief by the dark but inconsistent background - which should not really work - but somehow does.

The highlight is the highlights - which are always important to me and the simple tones on the face, torso and arm make it special.”

Chosen from our online Gallery by David Cotton


February 2014
by David Cotton

Old Barns
380 x 460mm



"To choose one piece of work from the wealth of talent and variety of styles and subjects in the RGA Gallery has been quite a task.

However, I have happily settled on 'Old Barns' by David Cotton.

I felt this piece of work has wonderful balance of the three essential elements I constantly seek to perfect; line, tonal value and colour. The composition has clear and simple lines and, as a result, is beautifully uncluttered. The tonal values chosen have created the depth and solidity of this landscape - something that seems to elude me in landscapes I attempt. Finally, the colours have been added with simple details and produce the wonderful atmosphere of open air, space and sunlight - when I look at this painting I want to breathe in the air. I love that experience with a painting – it reminds  me of one of my earliest and formative experiences of art when I was a child. It was an experience that fuelled my fascination with the magic of wonder and sensation that can be created in a painting.

David's painting is a great reminder (and I often need reminding) that when I keep the elements of my work simple, I can achieve my best results."

Chosen from our online Gallery by Christine Lamb.

January 2014
by Christine Lamb

oil on canvas
10" x 8"



For the New Year Keith Marples has chosen "Rowena" by Christine Lamb.

"Looking at the marvellous display in the gallery how difficult it is to choose. However, perhaps because I'm an old landscaper, the one that caught my eye most of all is 'Rowena' by Christine Lamb. I have always admired the skill of portrait artists, not only for their ability to capture the human face accurately but for their ability to reveal some spirit and meaning beneath the image. Christine has given 'Rowena' an almost luminous quality, capturing the wonderful freshness and hope in a young face, truth without fashionable artiness in an era when many artists prefer to show darkness in their imagery and sometimes frankly ugliness."

Chosen from our online Gallery by Keith Marples


December 2013
by Keith Marples

30 x 21cm



For December Peg Salaün-Smith has chosen "Shadows" by Keith Marples.

"I really admire artists who can do landscapes because trying to re-produce what is naturally beautiful seems an impossible task. Plus the result can end up looking artificial and even dull. I mean green trees, grass and hedges in green. However, when you look at 'Shadows' something emotional happens, you are there, you can feel the heat from the sun but you can also almost feel the cool of the shade, especially as the year draws in. The leaves on the trees are look 'touchable'. The picture is telling you to cross that piece of ground, so the eye is drawn in. By the time December comes it will be a totally different scene and the memory of the end of summer will have gone."

Chosen from our online Gallery by Peg Salaün-Smith


November 2013
by Peg Salaün-Smith




In November we have one of our "Upgrading" sessions for Affiliate members, therefore it seems appropriate that Roger Smalley has chosen "Ecosse" by Peg Salaün-Smith (our Upgrading Secretary) for November's Picture of the Month.

Roger says "I like it because it has a Kandinsky-esque atmosphere to
it. It is like an indistinct memory with the watery effect and the building on the hill suggesting many triggers to the imagination."

Peg says about her work "Abstracts in Acrylic and Oils using mood, colour and inspiration from shapes and images. My goal is to create something never seen before but nevertheless familiar."

Chosen from our online Gallery by Roger Smalley


October 2013
by Roger Smalley




October's "Picture of the Month" is in fact a sculpture by Roger Smalley! This untitled work was chosen by Clare Buchta from the RGA online Gallery.

Clare says, "It is particularly appealing to me because of its many qualities. I am not sure of the size of this particular piece but I am assuming that it can be easily held in the hand which is what it urges me to do. I imagine that closing my eyes and exploring the surface would take me on many different tactile journeys. Visually it is also very appealing with the cold grey colour of the stone with the warmer striations running through, also shadows created by the contours and holes. It almost looks like a worn mechanical object and yet it is essentially abstract with its own character."

Chosen from our online Gallery by Clare Buchta


September 2013
by Clare Buchta

Sunlight over Snowshill
Mixed media



Pauline Twyman has chosen "Sunlight over Snowshill" by Clare Buchta as September's "Picture of the Month". Pauline says "It appeals to me on the basis of striking colour, great atmosphere. I love wild elemental landscapes which I myself paint a lot and I felt quite an empathy with this one."

Clare describes here how it came about. "A weekend walking in the Cotswolds last spring, with unusually warm weather for that time of year, was the inspiration for this work. The sun was brilliant and clear one minute and then huge dark clouds ran across the scene casting dramatic shadows across the landscape. The contrasts were amazing and I felt the only way to truly express this was with extreme colour contrasts. Working in mixed media to create areas of texture, I used layers of colour and line work to pick out the field structures. The houses in the distance stood out as they were lit up brightly by the strong sunlight.

This work was part of a larger painting, this portion however worked well, emphasising the colour contrasts and hence the drama."

Chosen from our online Gallery by Pauline Twyman


August 2013
by Pauline Twyman

Through the windscreen
Oil on canvas
50 x 40cm




This picture brings back memories of sitting in the rain, in the car in France. It is immediately recognisable. The muted pallet is typical of a Southern French village in this weather. The handling of the paint echoes the rain, as it drizzles down the canvas. For me, Pauline has captured an experience, it is not just visual but evokes all the senses.

Pauline says, "the image disintegrates; trees become dragons, houses loose their edges and flow up, down and sideways...distorted figures rush through the picture plane. These wonders had to be remembered and transferred in time to canvas with brush and oil paint, the most versatile of medium of all."


Chosen from our online Gallery by Lynda South


July 2013 by Lynda South

House of Adam and Eve - Ghana
35 x 35cm




I was initially drawn to the vibrant colours in Lynda South's "House of Adam and Eve - Ghana". The turquoise sky beautifully sets off the candy pink building and the whole painting is suffused with a shimmering equatorial light. The Portuguese architecture brought back childhood memories of my grandmother's house in nearby Nigeria so I was somewhat dismayed to learn that the house of Adam and Eve was in fact a brothel! Lynda, who discovered this extraordinary building on a trip to Accra, says "it was covered in statues of mermaids, dogs, warriors and of course, Adam and Eve (who were portrayed as white)" . These details, along with the rickety overhead electric cables and the distant palm trees, really bring the spirit of the place to life. Sadly it was pulled down a decade or more ago but thanks to Lynda's vivid painting the House of Adam and Eve lives on.

Chosen from our online Gallery by Jenny Fay


June 2013 by Jenny Fay

Portrait of the Artist's Father
Oil on Linen
31 x 36cm




Jenny Fay's portrait of her father, painted as part of a triptych, struck me as a stunning portrayal of a man with a wealth of experience behind him.

He was, as it turns out, a High Court Judge in Nigeria, who met Jenny's mother, an English woman, at University in Manchester in the 1960s.

Jenny painted the portrait as part of the triptych Mid-tone: portrait of the Artist with her parents whilst expecting her first child. 

In exploring the differences between the three of them, a black father, white mother and a mixed-race daughter, she also became aware of the features similar to herself, and them.

She says "I particularly enjoyed painting my father because I have had few opportunities to paint some lovely blue and purple skin-tones".

I find it a beautiful, memorable and affectionate portrait of a venerable man.

Chosen from our online Gallery by Carole Stephens






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