Pauline Brown

Trailing rose branch with pale pink flowers
Rosa canina
60 x 45cm
Man sitting in black sports car
Maserati Granturismo
23 x 18cm
A branch of pale pinky white apple blossom
Brambly Apple Blossom
32 x 23cm
Cute little dog looking up
22 x 27cm

I was brought up on a farm and later married a dairy farmer, and from an early age had a great interest in flora and fauna. It wasn't until I was retired that I tried watercolour painting wild flowers and plants with a smattering of animals and occasional not very good landscapes.

I became very keen on botanical art and attended two day, botanical workshops, which were immensely helpful. During that time, I exhibited paintings on 3 occasions at the London exhibition of the Society of Botanical Artists of which I am a fellow. I also belong to the Beenham Art Group.

All profits from sale of my work goes to nursing charities.

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Pauline Brown


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