Sally Castle

Black and white composite view across a garden
Greys Court Garden
Scraperboard artwork
Open pages of a sketchbook
Private Faces in Public Places
Sketchbook pages for personal project
View along a road
Cumberland Road
Hand coloured linocut
Cover of a book in red
The Happy Prince
Hand lettered and illustrated complete book

A designer and illustrator with a reputation for original hand lettering, and a particular interest in linocut printmaking, environmental lettering and mixed media artwork. Notable public work includes the Walking Words panels at Chatham Place in Reading, the Forbury Square stone in Reading, village signs for Twyford and Hurst. In November 2021 Two Rivers Press published my version of The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde, which I hand lettered and illustrated. Youtube: The Happy Prince – excerpt read by David Tanqueray

Experimental lettering and paintings are regularly exhibited in galleries and exhibitions. I have designed covers and or illustrated over forty books for Two Rivers Press and my designs are used on merchandise for Reading Museum. I continually experiment with colour and develop sketch book ideas. 

Sally Castle


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