Liz Chaderton

What's up?
Watercolour on paper
55 x 35cm
The look of love
Watercolour on paper
35 x 35cm
Watercolour, ink, gold leaf on canvas
90 x 90cm
Watercolour on canvas
30 x 30cm

I work mainly in watercolour and my passion is painting animals. I want my paintings to raise a smile and so to help people see familiar creatures in new ways. My hope being that if we do not take them for granted, we will treat both animals and their environment with greater care.

The starting point for each picture is something that catches my attention – a cow's nose, a pig's ear, maybe the cat's whiskers… I want to capture the essence of the subject, rather than the detail, and believe that what is left out is just as important as what is put in. My paintings leave space for your imagination to wander, so are not usually set in a particular time and place.



Liz Chaderton


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