Salma Haque

Rocky Waterfall 1
Acrylic on board
80 x 49cm
Orange Tree in Barcelona
Acrylic on box canvas
47 x 61cm
Acrylic on box canvas
47 x 61cm
Water Lily
Acrylic on deep edge canvas
61 x 47cm

After 'A' Level in art I acquired a degree in a different discipline from University of Reading. I have worked in both private and public sector and for charities. However my passion for art kept pulling me to the genre. A visit to the Reading Contemporary Art Fair reinvigorated the desire to return to painting.

I enrolled on short art courses, which helped me quickly master the skills in drawing and painting like never before. From observation and photos I am able to produce large scale canvas paintings in acrylic.

Currently my painting consists of still life, flowers and the natural world. My greatest desire is to bring back to life my memories of childhood of things that my children may never see for real. I want to relive the past through my art.

The process of learning never ends therefore I do not want to rule out any medium or any other form of art.



Mobile: 07853182994

Salma Haque


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