Lou Jessop

Tyger Tyger
Relief appliqué, woollen fabric from recycled knitwear and hand stitching
50 x 30cm
Female figure and baby
Red Haired Madonna
Relief appliqué and hand stitching
24 x 30cm
Standing unclothed figure
Woollen figure inspired by Frida Kahlo
32 cm tall
Two blue figures
Krishna I and Krishna II Woollen people
Recycled woollen knitwear and hand stitching plus Swarovski crystal beads
Approx. 40cm tall

Needlecraft was part of the curriculum at primary school and from the first time I pushed a needle trailing purple thread through a piece of Binka I have loved stitching. I hoarded coloured wools and silks, darned for contrast rather than invisibility, and whatever the project was always passionately carried away with embellishment.

I had no formal art school training and only began making textile pictures a few years ago. They are a combination of relief applique figures cut from recycled knitwear, and backgrounds of dense woolen hand stitching, usually a collision of pattern and pictorial elements.

Ideas come from stories, situations real and imagined, and from inspirational and beautiful exhibits in museums.

Lou Jessop


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