Hilary Parkinson

Divided by Blue
Printed Collage
Rock Life
Printed Collage
Row upon Row
Printed Collage
Poppyseed Heads
Ink and Resist

From an early age I was willingly traipsed around galleries, watched artists and craft-persons create their magic and was never without a crayon in my hand. I trained and practised as a Landscape Architect and studied Textiles and now I have the time to enjoy creating for myself.

My current art interests are printing and printing with textiles. I like to explore printing with found objects (natural and man-made) in a low-tech way, layering and piecing together, much like a textile process, and am now exploring new ways to combine my printing with cloth and stitch.

I have painted in watercolours for some time now and enjoy holidays where a painting a day is a personal but enjoyable objective.

I now help to run the Earley Painters Group of the Reading Guild of Artists which gives me a regular opportunity to paint, study different artists for inspiration and experiment with composition and colour. I also enjoy the magic of painting outside with a large natural canvas from which to capture a special fleeting moment.


Hilary Parkinson


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