Liz Real

Reading landmarks all mixed up
Reading reorganised
Mixed media
30 x 21cm
View of Venice
Venetian memories
Mixed media
30 x 21cm
A gas tower amongst the trees
The Last Gasometer - view from Tesco car park
Mixed media
17.5 x 23.5cm
Actor on stage in Tudor costume
The last abbot lends a prayer to save Reading Gaol
Paper collage
40 x 29cm

My work evolves through direct observation which I develop and translate into an abstract interpretation. Inspiration often comes from my immediate surroundings (I'm never without a sketchbook). But sometimes it is an exploration of, for example, mark-making that develops from the process itself that may provide a satisfying end result.

With collage I use the paper as if it were paint, layering, subtracting and manipulating it to create what is hopefully an interesting interpretation.

I particularly enjoy combining different media and am always exploring new techniques.

To see more of my work:

Instagram: @lizreal2

Facebook: @lizrealart



Liz Real


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