Liz Real

Urban landscape
Mixed media (print/collage/stitch)
46 x 36cm
Caversham Court Gardens
24 x 34cm
46 x 36cm
Balmore Park
Paint collage
50 x 40cm

My work often evolves through direct observation which I develop and translate into an abstract interpretation. Inspiration often comes from the immediate such as my garden or the local park. But sometimes it is an exploration of mark-making that develops from the materials themselves.

With collage I use the paper as if it were paint, layering, subtracting and manipulating it to create what is hopefully an interesting interpretation.

With printmaking I love the variety of effects that can be achieved through applying and wiping the ink in different ways, whether that be through colour or the method of application. I find very exciting even though the result can be totally unpredictable.

I enjoy combining different media and experimenting with techniques – such as stitching or collaging on a print.

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April 2018

Liz Real


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