Roberta Tetzner

Joyful walk through the city
mixed media on canvas
80 x 80cm
Through the gate and beyond
Mixed media on board
29 x 45cm
Daydreammy day
Mixed media incl dust on board each of 2 boards
45 x 29 x 3cm
While driving home
Mixed media on board
29 x 45cm

My aim is to create works of art that allow personal interpretation and that through their imagery highlight and represent some of the beauty of the landscape and our experiences within it.

My surroundings are the starting point for most of my work and I draw from both the macro and the micro images of the landscape: the map-like, large-scale images of a particular piece of land, through to the detailed images of a garden layout or a particular plant.

The influence of colour on emotion and mood also plays a strong role in my painting.

Roberta Tetzner


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