Kerry Webb

Sweeping sky and sea  with an abbey ruin high on a cliff top
Whitby Abbey from the East Pier (2021)
Oil on canvas board
50 x 20cm
Huge sky over sandy beach
Sandsend from Upgang Beach (2022)
Oil on canvas board
36 x 25cm
Rolling hill with a glimps of chalk horse
Uffington White Horse, blue sky (2021)
Oil on canvas board
20 x 15cm
Lighthouse perched on rocks
Corbière lighthouse, Jersey (2021)
Acrylic on canvas board
20 x 50cm

I take my inspiration mainly from rural and coastal landscapes, and the transformative effects that seasonal and meteorological change have on places I know well. I have a particular fascination with human intervention on the landscape and the resulting tension between permanence and impermanence: ancient monuments and architectural ruins being a favourite theme. I am intrigued by the way these become absorbed into the surrounding environment over time, while maintaining some presence of their own. I try to reflect this in the scale of the landscapes I paint and through the relationship between land and sky.

I am also fascinated by flower structure and paint detailed studies to gain a greater appreciation of their intricacy. I find the contrast between painting at these two scales challenging and satisfying.

I studied art at Chichester in the 1990s, as an undergraduate student, but have only recently returned to painting. I work mainly in oils and acrylics. I am a keen walker and always have my camera to hand for taking reference photographs, particularly in "interesting" weather!

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Kerry Webb


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