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Carole Stephens

These are illustrations for books and plays and were a new departure. All relate to Reading: to Reading Gaol, and the theatre companies ‘Reading between the Lines’ and ‘Progress’.

The image entitled He lay as one who lies and dreams… for the exhibition ‘Reading Gaol In Reading Town’ is one of several made which reflect the darkness felt, both physically and emotionally, by the inmates of the Victorian Reading Goal.

The portrait of Henry I imagined him fit and strong, before his death in France and eventual return to Reading for burial. This was shown in St James Church for ‘RBTL’ production ‘Henry I’, and is in the booklet ‘Reading Abbey Revealed’ (Reading Museum).

The two mixed media portraits of Patient Griselda and Kit and Angie were for the Caryll Churchill play ‘Top Girls’ at Progress Theatre, and proved particularly challenging, in terms of how to illustrate the feel of the play.

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