Exhibiting Member

James Topple

My paintings draw inspiration from Asian Ink Wash painting where the aim is to capture the essence of the subject rather than accurate physical depiction. It is an instinctual, expressive way of painting that wrestles between forceful haphazard gestures and play of chance, to delicate controlled brushwork. I am very much concerned in the texture of my paintings. I like to think of them as being colourfully dirty.

It is also an introspective process. My aim is to become completely enamoured with the subject and lose myself within the act.

Most recently, I have been paying homage to some of my favourite dead artists. Using reference images and devising colour signature pallets, I attempt to capture the essence of the artist’s life, death, and body of work in the fruit or flowers, like an anthropomorphic depiction that celebrates the life and achievements of the artist.

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