Exhibiting Member

Natasha Samasuwo

I studied Print Design at The Glasgow School of Art. My passion for colour runs deep in my practice, underpinned by a curiosity to explore its qualities, interactions and how some combinations can effect an emotional response and resurrect memories.

I draw much of my inspiration from wild spaces and landscapes, particularly around water. I often mix mediums, mainly acrylics, watercolours and pastels. Working through experimental marks, creates some considered, intentionally placed layers of detail and textures that are balanced with swathes of blended spaces.

Painting expressively is somewhat a form of meditation, to remain sensitive to the creating process, with enough structure to be mindful of how I translate inspiration and yet not being restricted by it. I prefer for ideas to lead me in a flow as they develop and change, in an almost playful exploration.

My aim to create work that has a sense of wonder, that draws you in and yet remains open to interpretation. I personally feel that the majority of my work subtly tells of my journey to be more intentional in my practice, each painting often leaving points on which to grow and improve from.

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