Updated: 27 Jul 2021

Royal Berkshire Hospital Corridor Exhibition

Royal Berkshire Hospital Corridor Exhibition No.26

5 July – 28 Aug 2021

If you happen to find you need to visit the Royal Berkshire Hospital you'll find our display along the second floor link corridor, we're in the Centre Block (opposite Main X-ray) and in South Block (outside Respiratory Medicine).

25% of sales are donated to the 'Royal Berks Charity'.

Online exhibition poster

"Celebrating Our Town – Discover Reading"

Our "Summer Supplement" has been added to the existing online exhibition to enjoy now that summer has arrived.

See your favourite artists' work and explore the rooms to re-discover and remember.

"It's so beautifully presented, informative and so elegantly hung."

"It's a joy to wander round at leisure from my own armchair! I can re-enter a room, stand and gaze with nobody wanting to share my view."

"Most enjoyable to wander around the "rooms" and see the inspiring pieces from RGA artists."

"A wonderful window into the Guild."

"A brilliant show – some lovely work really well presented."

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