Marie Dyson Award


Marie Dyson self portrait from a 1968 newspaper cutting

Since 1968, the Marie Dyson Award has been presented to one of our members at the Annual Exhibition for a piece of work judged to be of outstanding merit by an invited assessor. Marie Dyson was described as “…one of the Guild’s brightest spirits… outstanding innovator, whose initiative and enthusiasm had in large measure been instrumental in transforming the nature of our society”. This Award was founded in her memory after her untimely death in 1967.



Although we have a list of winners’ names, the RGA doesn’t have a comprehensive “visual record” of all the works that have won this award and we would like to rectify this.

New discoveries have been added – however, can you help fill in the blanks? If you have any information at all, be it the name of a work, a photograph of it, newspaper cutting, or perhaps you own one of the works, please contact our Archivist.

Many thanks to all those who have already contributed.

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