Updated: 15 Oct 2021

The Reading Guild of Artists (RGA), was founded in 1930, and is a diverse group of professional and amateur artists, which over the years have included names such as Eric Stanford FRBS, Gilbert Spencer, William McCance, Agnes Miller Parker, Albert Carter, Robert Gibbings, Ellie Beadle, Mark Symons, Marcus Adams and Gilbert Adams, Leslie Haywood, Herbert Barkas, William Wilder to mention just a few.

We currently have over 190 members including...

Our President: Clive Duncan FRBS RBA SPS NDD

Honorary Life Members: Martin Andrews, Jean Aust, Robert Gillmor VPSWLA, Elizabeth Heydeman, Anthony Wilder.

Honorary Members: Sir David Bell KCB, Sarah Hacker.

Exhibiting Members: Zeinab Ahmed, Basudev Ale, Philip Alexander, Pete Annells, Jennifer Atkins, Richard Backhouse, Elizabeth Baldin, Mohan Banerji, Carolyn Beale, Roseann Beddington, Jane Bonney, Sue Bridge, Isobel Brimelow, Sadie Brockbank, Pauline Brown, Rukshi Brownlow, Clare Buchta, Charles Burns, Nikki Carr, Tom Cartmill, Shelagh Casebourne, Sally Castle, Richard Cave, Liz Chaderton, Gillian Cheesman, David Cotton, Esperanza Cuartero, Steve Lloyd Davies, Jessica DeMers, Peter Driver, Lyn Ebbett, Tracy Eisa, Carole Elleman, Kate Ellison‑Bourne, Susan Evans, Andrew Field, Janet Fisher, Robert Fitzmaurice, Belinda Fitzwilliams, Judith Fletcher, Matt French, Charles Gallagher, Michael Garaway, Belinda Garner, Emily Gillmor, Gill Goodwin, Linda Graves, Penny Halpin, Jenny Halstead, Salma Haque, Rosemary Harper, Maureen Hayward, Martina Hildebrandt, Wendy Hodges, Christine Howell, Ros Ingham, Peter Izod, Jacqueline James, Ingrid Jensen, Lou Jessop, Diana King, Ksenija Krotin, Jenny Law, Mary Law, Thérèse Lawlor, Calina Lefter, Angela Lenman, Sarah‑Jane Lock, Helen Lunn, Janina Maher, Emma Major, Paul Manning, Bhamini Markella, Keith Marples, Zoran Matic, Heather McAteer, Marjorie McCartney, Angus McDonald, Connell McMenamin, Rebecca Mendoza, Chris Mercier, Maria Teresa Molner, Christine Morgan, Joan Morley, Jonathan Newey, Michael Norcross, Nina O'Connell, Hilary Parkinson, Ayla Paul, Carole Pembrooke, Diana Penson, Lizzie Perkins, Isobel Pigott, Gill Pollock, Sarah Pye, Liz Real, William Redman, Lesley Redmond, Noelia Rios-Garcia, Trish Roberts, Christine Rogers, Natasha Rossell, Linda Saul, Joan Sawdon Smith, Fong Scott, Lucio Scotti, Kusum Shabong, Ann Shires (Tyler), Mike Simmons, Roger Smalley, Shirley Smith, Jancis Smithell, Jane Somner, Karen Spencer, Kate Spencer‑Millan, Carole Stephens, Eve Sutton, Jill Swale, Sue Tait, Roberta Tetzner, Maria Toman, Pauline Twyman, Anne Viner, Janet Walton, Helen Watson, Sheila Watt, Kerry Webb, Lorna Webber, Annie Welch, Andrea White, Paul Whitehouse, Janis Williams, Paul Woolley, Ken Wright, Anita Zolas.


Affiliate Members: Vivienne Abbott, Jo Baker, Kay Bews, Jacqueline Brown, Bexy Butcher, Alan Button, Isabel Button, Penelope Cake, Stephanie Charman, Erica Coulehan, Pooja Fernandes, Miyoung Finch, Diane Gregson, Jennifer Hoodless, Roger Iles, Geoff Keeble, Jerry Lunn, Riddhima Mathur, Cecilia McEwen, Mike Milner, Jeanne-Louise Moys, Sri Nambiar, Jenni Notton, Mary O'Toole, Amanda Paradine, Matthew Potter, Fiona Pugh, Marion Pyke, Muriel Seale, Viviane Smith, Elizabeth Thomas, James Topple, Sandra Winter.


For information about some of our Exhibiting Members visit the RGA online Galleries, and to take a look at the past, visit our Museum Highlights.


Any member not listed here who wishes to be included please email Martina at webmaster@rga‑

Christmas gathering

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