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Norah Bucquet

Can you recognise any familiar landmarks in the distance? [Highlighted: Mar 2019]

Old Houses, Reading
by Norah Bucquet (1903 – 1977)

43cm x 34
Date about: 1962

RGA member: 1958 – 1973

Reading Museum Accession Number
REDMG : 1965.252.1

This painting conjures up many questions, not only about the view but also about the artist.

Titled Old Houses, Reading this oil painting was exhibited at the Reading Guild of Artists Thirty-Second Annual Exhibition, Municipal Art Gallery Reading May 5th – June 2nd, 1962.

At the time, the artist Mrs. Norah Bucquet lived at 62 Woodcote Road, Reading, where she had lived since at least 1945 with her husband Aubrey Charles Bucquet. Norah was born in Wales in 1903, married in Reading in 1940 and died in 1977.

Very little else is known about the artist as a person, other than that she was a member of the Reading Guild of Artists from 1958 until 1973, exhibiting only one oil painting a year and often not exhibiting at all. She exhibited another work of the area titled Farm at Woodcote in 1959.

Was this painting a view from her home?

If you have any further information about this artist or painting, please contact us and your message will be passed on to our Archivist.

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