Jenny Atkins

Trees reflected in a lake
(Room 7)
Bare winter tree
(Room 7)
Tree stump sculpture in Harris Garden
(Room 1)

Accompanying poems by Jenny Atkins


100. Reflections (Reading University Lake), Oils, 61 x 91cm, Deep edge canvas (ready to hang), £300

REFLECTIONS (Reading University Lake)

Let the reflections dance
To the rhythms of the day.
Watch them stretch majestically
Across the lake.

Reaching forward to the other side
The branches casting shadows
To the left and right.
Patterns created that attract the eye.

Intermingling with the colours
Of the ever changing water
They ripple slightly in the breeze.
To capture them in paint is a magic thing.


101. My Favourite Tree (Reading University Lake), Oils, 61 x 91cm,Deep edge canvas (ready to hang), £300

My Favourite Tree (Reading University Lake)

My favourite tree stands proudly lakeside.
It's massive girth denotes great age.
My arms can't reach around the curving sides.
Look upwards and view it's impressive size.

Such a magnificent presence makes one stop and stare.
It's boughs like wrinkled fingers on an old man's hands
Are crooked and twisted but sturdy and strong
As they battle for space at the top of the trunk.

One slender bough from the bottom grows
Reaching out laconically over the glimmering lake
Dangling it's branches over the glistening water
Letting the leaves playfully dip and dive.


102. A View within the Harris Garden, University of Reading, Oils, 61 x 61cm, Deep edge canvas (ready to hang), £100

Thoughts on the Harris Garden

An oasis of calm amid the leafy suburbs.
A hidden gem waiting to be discovered
With changing scenarios throughout the seasons.
Take time to explore it's winding pathways.
Marvel at the aged oaks and eucalyptus.
Enjoy the falling blossom from the cherry trees.
Pass orchards of crab apples too bitter to eat.
A fox my be watching you or a pheasant or two.
Pause by the pond shadowed by giant gunneras.
Study the shapes, colours and scents of the flowers.
Find hedged borders and this sculpture of wood within
Perfectly placed to set off the view.


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