Richard Backhouse

Lots of pots on glass shelves
(Room 11)

198. Reading Museum Pots, Pencil on card, 11.5 x 28cm, offers welcome, unframed

The reason I have chosen this sketch is that for me Reading Museum is the central hub of the town. It contains all the information one would need for a past present and future Reading. Pots for instance can be used along with other artefacts to date an area, town, city, and country. This cabinet of pots in the museum cover many centuries, you could say that time is contained.


Garage pumps
(Room 1)
Bus shelter
(Room 1)

148. Wokingham Road Garage, Pitcroft Avenue, Drypoint etching (1 of 10), 15 x 18cm, £40 unframed, 10 available

Just off the Wokingham Road on Pitcroft Avenue one can step back in time and see what was a small business frozen in time. Complete with now-defunct petrol pump reminding us of what will happen to all its brothers and sisters in the coming future. P.S. there is only one pump this is a double image.


149. Bus Shelter, Henley Road, Caversham, Reduction linocut (1 of 4), 18 x 15cm, £40 unframed, 3 available

Whenever I drive past this bus shelter I am reminded of a promenade, and then the sea, always pleasing, thank you Reading.


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