Liz Chaderton

Brightly coloured stylized building
(Room 3)
A standing heron
(Room 7)
Colourful swan
(Room 7)

108. A fairy-tale of Reading, Ink and watercolour on paper, 42 x 42, £200 unframed

I love Reading Town Hall in its wonderful Victoriana clock tower, so I wanted to turn it into a fairy-tale castle hidden in the forest of Reading's less glorious buildings....


109. Kennet and Avon Heron, Ink, watercolour and metal leaf on deep edge canvas, 30 x 100cm, SOLD

After a halcyon week on the Kennet and Avon canal, I have fallen in love with these stately birds. The disdain with which they ignore 20 tonnes of diesel powered narrow boat is hilarious. You are within feet of them and they continue about their business ignoring you completely.


110. Rainbow swan (Caversham), Watercolour on canvas prepared with collage, 80 x 60cm, £700 framing not required

Inspired by a swan at Caversham - Swans are symbols of fidelity, given that they pair for life....why should swans be white, I pondered? Life comes in all colours.


Reading's Blade building and Abbey ruin panorama
(Room 3)
The heads of two grebes
(Room 9)
Canada geese flying in formation
(Room 7)

63. Abbey ruins, Pen, wash and map collage on paper, 56 x 19cm, SOLD

With the A to Z of Reading now redundant thanks to Sat Nav, it seemed a perfect link in the chain of the town's history, from ancient abbey walls to the pinnacle of The Blade.


64. Dance to the music of life, Ink, watercolour and metal leaf on deep edge canvas, 60 x 60cm, £700

Inspired by the grebes on the river Thames, with their elaborate dance and synchronised swimming, these two bond over a ceremony where they present each other with offerings of river weed. Though comical with their amazing hair dos, their strong bond forged over a humble offering is a wonderful thing to contemplate and a sight you will be very fortunate to view.


65. Flying South, Watercolour on canvas, 100 x 50cm, £700

When a skein of geese fly over autumn is just around the corner. Living close to Dinton Pastures, their noisy migration heralds the change of season and makes me smiles, because did you know if they are flying close they are called a plump?


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