Martina Hildebrandt

Silhouette of a footballer kicking a ball
(Room 10)
Silhouette of an Olympic runner
(Room 10)
A hexagonal shape wrapped in black plastic with yellow hazard tape
(Room 11)

212. Fran Kirby, Linocut on digital print, varied edition 1/4, 18 x 23cm, £35 mounted unframed

213. Ann Packer, Linocut on digital print, varied edition 1/4, 18 x 23cm, £35 mounted unframed

Two Olympians associated with Reading, Fran Kirby began her career with local team Reading FC before moving to Chelsea, and is part of the Great Britain women's Olympic football team for Tokyo 2021. And from the Summer Olympics in Tokyo 1964, Ann Packer who won a gold medal in the 800 metres and a silver in the 400 metres.

214. Section of Reading Civic Centre, Found objects, 30 x 30 x 30cm
Martina Hildebrandt, NFS

This "New Relics for Reading" was part of a collection of works produced by Reading based artists to celebrate Reading in 2018. This, a piece of the Reading Civic Centre after it was demolished, having come to the end of its design life after 40 years. Its shape is an echo of a sister building nearby. It has been safely wrapped in case of contamination by other building materials used at the time of construction (it's not really!)


Two woodlice
(Room 1)
Oscar Wilde standing defiantly with his back to the Abbey and Gaol
(Room 3)
Henry I sitting on his throne
(Room 3)

171. Reddin Cheeselogs, Linocut, 18 x 23cm, £35 unframed, edition of 5

What could a couple of woodlice possibly have to do with Reading? Well it's all down to what you call them. When I first heard them being called a Cheeselog by a local I thought it was a family nickname, but I later found out it's very much a Reading specific word for a woodlouse.


172. Oscar Wilde, Abbey and Gaol, Collagraph, mixed media and linocut, 21 x 30cm, NFS

Here we have Oscar Wilde standing defiantly with his back to the Abbey and the Gaol that incarcerated him. The image was created for a new range of Artist Products available soon from the Reading Museum Online Shop.


173. Inspired by... Henry I, Linocut, 20 x 28cm, £75 unframed varied edition 5/10

You can't have an exhibition about Reading without arguably the town's most important figure. After all he's still here. This linocut was "Inspired by..." Henry I as depicted by Matthew Paris, 13th Century Benedictine Monk.


Colourful silhouettes of women in different occupations
(Room 1)
Grey silhouettes of women in different occupations
(Room 1)
Frame with fragment of wood depicting a silhouette of a medieval woman
(Room 3)

38. Reading's Influential Women, Multiple linocuts, 30 x 20cm, £75 unframed

39. Echoes of Reading, Multiple linocuts, 30 x 20cm, £75 unframed

40. Empress Matilda panel fragment, Linocut and found objects, 23 x 28cm, £75 stone wall not included!

One thing leads to another. The year 2018 marked the 100th anniversary when some women and all men gained the vote in the UK. I began to explore a few of the eminent women associated with Reading. My journey with them continued over the years as the figures led to new adventures. I'm now up to 20, each with their own story. Many are making an appearance in the book Reading's Influential Women published by Two Rivers Press. I had the fantastic experience of how another designer made best use of my linocut illustrations, and that in turn influenced this selection of work.


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