Lou Jessop

Standing robed figure
(Room 1)
Unclothed standing figure
(Room 1)

153. Robed Figure (Homage to Elisabeth Frink), Textile – Recycled knitwear hand stitched with wools, 47cm high, £450

153a. Robed Figure (unclothed), Alternative view of 153. Robed Figure.

My favourite piece of public art in Reading is the beautifully patinated bronze life sized figure standing at Abbots Walk adjacent to the abbey ruins.

In 1983 Elisabeth Frink began making a group of three figures, The Dorset Martyrs which were installed in 1986 at the site of the former gallows in Dorchester.

The Reading statue, known as the Robed Figure or The Executioner is a near duplicate of the central figure.

I have used it as inspiration for this little woollen person with a removable robe. The softness of the wool is about as opposite as one could get to the bronze of the statue!


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