Linda Saul

Brick building
(Room 3)
Shop front
(Room 1)

157. Hospitium, Mixed media, 51 x 70cm, £400 framed

Tucked away behind Reading Museum and partially hidden by trees as it is, it was several years after I first came to Reading when I first became aware of this beautiful building, part of Reading Abbey. It is now a children's nursery, which presumably is why it is tastefully decorated with colourful chalk graffiti.


158. Danns photographers, Digital, 30 x 30cm mounted, £40 limited edition print (30)

Produced based on a photograph by Frances Dann, Reading's first female professional photographer, of her Broad Street shop. The original image is marred by heavy black lines, I assume due to the (presumably glass) negative being cracked. I reproduced it in black and white for inclusion in the book "Reading's Influential Women" recently published by Two Rivers Press.


A stooped figure walking away from a prison cell door
(Room 3)

67. Oscar's separate hell, Mixed media, 79 x 77cm, £800

"And down the iron stair we tramped, each from his separate Hell"

This work is inspired by Oscar Wilde's "The Ballad of Reading Gaol" which describes the cruelty of the Victorian prison system.

The figure is wearing a Scotch cap, designed to stop prisoners being able to make eye contact with each other.


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