Kusum Shabong

Town Hall building with people strolling past
(Room 3)
Row of boats
(Room 9)
Church with path
(Room 2)

97. Reading Town Hall, Watercolour, 38.5 x 29cm, £45 unframed

I have always been fascinated by the terracotta architecture, and Reading has a few of these buildings remaining in the town. One of my favourite among these is the Reading Town Hall with its beautiful red and grey brickwork and imposing Clock Tower. I have tried to paint this iconic building in an impressionistic style with the Clock Tower in focus.


98. Boats of Henley, Watercolour, 42 x 29.7cm, SOLD

One of the most beautiful places, in and around Reading, Henley has been one of my go to places specially during the summer months of lockdown. On one of these trips, I saw the boats lined up making an interesting pattern with their multicoloured sides. Here I have tried to use an impressionistic style to depict the scene.


99. Reading Minster, Watercolour, 25.5 x 32cm, SOLD

The shadowy path behind Reading Minster is a quiet place to sit and catch your breath. I have experimented with this setting with smudged edges indicating a warm summer's day and heat rising.


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