Jane Somner

Blue silhouette of overlapping pots with abstract patterns
(Room 11)

202. Museum Pots, Monoprint, 25 x 30cm, £40 mounted, unframed


Shrub and heathland
(Room 8)
Silhouettes of pots
(Room 1)
Silhouettes of pots
(Room 1)

143. The Holy Brook (Calcot), Watercolour and ink, 53 x 37cm, £90 framed

I live in Calcot near the banks of the Holy Brook. Every morning I walk in the 'Linear Park' in which the Holy Brook flows.

It is beautiful at any time of year. This painting was made in early winter with the mists across the collecting ponds and the water meadows softening the colours in the morning light.


144. Samian Tableware I (Reading Museum), Monotype, 28 x 35cm, £40 mounted unframed

145. Samian Tableware II (Reading Museum), Monotype, 28 x 35cm, £40 mounted unframed

Reading Museum has a beautiful collection of Samian Tableware, found at Silchester. Made between AD150-400 these Roman bowls, beakers, flasks and pots are a great inspiration for today's artists.

The decoration on some is particularly beautiful – 'barbotine' decoration with its curls and swirls and combed lines – made with a comb!

I spent a day sketching various of these in their glass display cases at the museum, they are my inspiration for these monotype works on paper.


Memorial sculpture in front of Abbey Ruins and Gaol in spring
(Room 3)

23. Last Day of Freedom (16th March 2020), Watercolour on paper, 18 x 24cm, £30 unframed

On 16th March 2020, I visited Forbury Gardens to take photos of Eric Stanford's Spanish War Memorial sculpture for the RGA Annual Review.

I sketched this scene and made a watercolour sketch at home later. The next day our family decided to 'lockdown' before it was mandatory.

It was my last day of freedom – the view of Reading Gaol from the garden seems rather ironic now – a place of captivity from a place of freedom.


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