Karen Spencer

Geese and ducks along the lakes edge
(Room 10)

203. Geese at Dinton Pastures
Acrylics, 36 x 31cm, £180 framed


Meadow flowers and grasses
(Room 8)
River with reeds
(Room 8)
Two ladies viewed from the back, sitting drinking wine
(Room 5)

20. Langley Mead with Grasses, Acrylic on canvas framed, 46 x 64cm, £365

21. River Loddon at Arborfield, Acrylic on canvas framed, 46 x 64cm, £365

22. Summer wine at Bel and the Dragon, Acrylic on deep canvas, 30 x 30cm, £225

Many of my paintings reflect the countryside where I live in Shinfield. I love to go for walks along the footpaths beside the river Loddon. This has been a comfort during lockdown, where peace and tranquillity can be enjoyed just a few steps away from my doorstep. Summer wine at Bel and the Dragon was started during an exhibition at the Turbine house in Reading. It was a beautiful day and two ladies were enjoying a chat over a bottle of wine. It was in fact the last real day of summer 2019 as after this day the weather changed.


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