Updated: 1 Nov 2021

Our Picture of the Month is chosen from the RGA online Gallery by the previous month's artist.

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Bold landscape
Britwell Span
Oil on board
9 x 9cm

November 2021
by William Redman

The picture I have chosen is a tiny oil painting by William Redman (only 9cm square) but it packs a big visual punch.

It is clearly rooted in a real landscape – the title is 'Britwell Span' - but the artist has produced a bold abstracted composition with intersecting blocks of yellows and greens separated by a pale pink curve and an unusually deep ultramarine blue sky. The warm pale pink path leads us from the foreground to an orange sun (or maybe the moon?) in the top left corner set in a deep blue band. Several near-horizontal strips coming in from left and right, and echoes of the blue sky in the foreground, hold everything together in a very satisfying composition. The thick impasto paint has been applied with confidence, and the treatment of the paint adds to the impact of this small but engaging picture.

Chosen from our online Gallery by Paul Whitehouse

Bristol station platform
Watching, Waiting
Oil on canvas
86 x 60cm

October 2021
by Paul Whitehouse

Anyone who knows me and my work will understand why I've chosen this painting by Paul Whitehouse.

Called Watching, Waiting as well as it being a style of painting I like, the image allows the viewer to imagine their own story. Plus I love all things trains. Although a sunny day the two contrasting figures are in deep darkness. I think the posture of platform attendant is brilliant, he feels at home and relaxed, quietly alert, ready for the next rush of activity. All in a day's work. The seated figure, small wheelycase to hand, tense and uncomfortable as he waits for his train (arriving soon?), staring at his phone (another fascination).

Painted in 2019 before these strange times we have experienced, it could also very much be the view of the deserted platforms anyone who has still needed to commute will have seen. I think I can even make out a face mask.

Chosen from our online Gallery by Martina Hildebrandt

Rocky landscape in blue
Lockdown Blues #2
Mixed media
20 x 20cm

September 2021
by Mohan Banerji

As a lover of remote places and mountain walking and having spent much of lockdown working on a series of paintings based on my walking experiences, this picture really struck a chord.

I liked Mohan's use of bright colour, the deep blue of the water, the contrasting surrounding rocks, the sweep of the landscape up to the summit.

Just makes me look forward to my next trip to the mountains.

Chosen from our online Gallery by Philip Alexander

Lone tree in a summer meadow
Meadow near Reading
Oil on canvas
90 x 40cm

August 2021
by Philip Alexander

The importance of trees in all their stages of life! What stories this single majestic tree could tell, standing alone in its meadow on a bright summer's day. One branch has fallen, while others, bare and greyed by the weather, still point up towards the fast moving clouds. However, this tree is keeping up the good work, providing habitat to all those who come across it and a sense of hope as some branches show new growth with a 'I'm still here'.

I'm reminded of my 'O-level' art paper title "Dead and fallen trees", when I had a week to prepare my sketches before the exam (was it 3 hours or a whole day to complete?). I'm appreciating the central placement of the tree and Philip has caught the expression of the branches with the freshness of the leaves and meadow with its yellow buttercups and a wide rolling sky. Much to contemplate and enjoy.

Chosen from our online Gallery by Martina Hildebrandt

Figure of a diver swimming through plastic and rubbish
Diver's paradise
30 x 21cm

July 2021
by Martina Hildebrandt

Several evocative, heart-tugging landscapes caught my eye as I wandered through the RGA on-line galleries, paintings with which I could happily live and easily enjoy. But conversely the image which stays in my mind is a potent comment on the current state of our world - or, as in this case, particularly seas and waterways. With grandchildren all too well aware of the damaged environment we are leaving them, I feel that 'Divers' Paradise' sends the message that we should all be reading right now. Clear, direct, a message from which there is no escape.

Chosen from our online Gallery by Carole Stephens

Blue patterns with a hidden floating figure
He lay as one who lies & dreams
In a pleasant meadow land

from 'The Ballad of Reading Gaol'
Mixed media
27 x 32cm

June 2021
by Carole Stephens

I admire Carole's work enormously for she explores emotions so well. This painting reflects the almost out of body experiences that Oscar Wilde endured in our gaol and wrote about so vividly..The dark shapes move me as I begin to feel his agony..and that of his fellow prisoners..She makes me respond and I thank her!

Chosen from our online Gallery by Pauline Twyman

Trees seen from inside a car
Through the windscreen
Oil on canvas
50 x 40cm

May 2021
by Pauline Twyman

I feel I've been to this car park in France, which Pauline has deftly captured. It's a rainy day, but parking at least is always free here.

I like the fluid, confident application of paint and the muted colour palette. The composition draws the eye through the plane trees to distant umbrellas and to the low horizon line of the building.

And now to the market...

Chosen from our online Gallery by Trish Roberts

Silhouettes of soldiers
Collagraph print
47 x 33cm

April 2021
by Trish Roberts

The work is simple, to the point, and encapsulates WWI without being over dramatic, sentimental or sensational. A great deal of thought and skill is necessary to realise this balance on so sensitive a topic.

Chosen from our online Gallery by Angus McDonald

Resting swan
Watercolour foreground, acrylic background
56 x 38cm

March 2021
by Angus McDonald

I'm drawn to the elegance and serenity of swans, and their reflections in still water. This portrayal is strikingly different with the long neck not shown in profile. I love the soft detail of the wings, where the long feathered neck is resting, contrasted with the more abstract fluidity of the water below.

Chosen from our online Gallery by Isobel Brimelow

Painting of an octopus
Oil on canvas
50 x 40cm

February 2021
by Isobel Brimelow

I recently watched a documentary film called 'My Octopus Life' (thoroughly recommend), which depicted a diver's relationship with an individual Octopus and left me with the sense that this Octopus was a person. Seeing Thalassa by Isobel Brimelow on the RGA website reminded me of the film. This painting seems to immerse you in the world of another creature – what it is to be Octopus. I love that the mountain peaks of our world are just barely tipping out at the top of the broad swathe of sea which is full of life. The family of Octopus appear to be in communion with the spirit of the sea.

Chosen from our online Gallery by Sadie Brockbank

Sculpture of a dear with trees growing out of its back
Forest Deer
Mixed media
90 x 108 x 34cm

January 2021
by Sadie Brockbank

I have chosen Sadie Brockbank's Forest Deer as the Picture of the Month for January. I love how this wise animal carries both the sheltering trees and roosting birds, on her travels through the forest. The work reminds me of the interwoven strands of the natural world and the fragile balance within. I find the sculpture both strong and delicate. Thank you Sadie.

Chosen from our online Gallery by Helen Lunn

Organic textured shapes in blue
Discovery 4
Mixed media
13 x 13cm

December 2020
by Helen Lunn

I am drawn to the organic, luscious quality of this piece of art. Intriguing mixed media that has been formed to produce a distinctive 3D work on paper. Thank you Helen!

Chosen from our online Gallery by Sue Tait


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