Press Release

Sense of Space Exhibition at South Hill Park

South Hill Park has been in collaboration with the Reading Guild of Artists and is excited to announce a new exhibition, Sense of Space, from 9th April 2022 – 22nd May. Visitors will be able to explore this new exhibition in the Balcony and Atrium Gallery at South Hill Park.

The invitation to make artwork for Sense of Space has presented the Reading Guild of Artists with a challenge to create something new and exciting whilst responding to the concept of sense and space. From paintings and textiles to ceramics and installations, this exhibition encourages the viewer to look, see and connect with some of the feelings the artists have attempted to portray in their work. Both the Reading Guild of Artists and South Hill Park hope that the wide variety of artworks on display, the range of subject matter depicting a sense of space, and the joy of experiencing ‘art in the flesh’ will be a source of great pleasure for all who come to visit.

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