Updated: 23 Sep 2021

Autumn 2021

Great news! RGA Fridays will begin again soon. We will be at a new venue - Earley St Peter's Church Hall.

Welcome back RGA Friday workshops!

We are starting back up again after a long time apart with some special sessions in a new venue.

people busy painting

The workshops give members and guests a chance to try out new skills, or develop existing ones with a selection of different techniques and topics. It is also a chance to meet up with other artists and friends and share ideas.

New venue: As our usual venue is not available to hire at the moment we will be meeting at Earley St Peter's Church Hall, Earley, Reading, RG6 1EY, in the large Main Hall (downstairs).

The cost per session is £8 for members and £12 for guests.

Please book via Eventbrite links listed below with each workshop.

An additional small charge may be made if any specialised materials are needed or a model is involved, payable in cash to the tutor on the day.

Please contact Kate if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas for future RGA Fridays: workshops@rga-artists.org.uk

Example of slab pot
Slab pot before firing and glazing

24 Sep 2021

Textured Slab Bowls
with Shirley Smith

My plan is for bowls constructed from a circular slab (with textured surfaces) - see photo. Four wedges/darts will be cut out to form corners which will be pinched together to raise sides. The process is fairly straightforward and I'm confident that everyone would complete at least one functional pot in the time. Some could possibly manage two in the time.

An additional cost of £4 on the day to cover clay, glaze and firings

People should bring an old tea towel or other fabric on which to roll the slab and items to texture the surface, e.g. wallpaper, keys, bark, leaves, grasses, fabric, wooden stamps, even earrings etc. (I will also bring some.) Also, an apron, an old small kitchen knife and a couple of plastic bags (e.g. bread or carrier) to put their work in to facilitate me taking them away to fire. I also advise people to leave their jewellery at home.

Please book via Eventbrite

Example of puffin drawing and helmet vanga bird
Photo montage: example ink drawing by Liz Chaderton of a puffin and Helmet Vanga photo by Francesco Veronesi

15 Oct 2021

Reconnecting with dip pens
with Liz Chaderton

So many people say, 'ooh I've got one and never use it' – this is your chance to reconnect with your dip pen! Don't worry if you haven't got one, I will have some that can be borrowed.

In this pen and wash session we will be inspired by the day 15 prompt from "Inktober" which is Helmet. If you don't know what Inktober is, it is a celebration of ink drawing each day throughout October, inspired by a list of prompts - just google it.

I will do a quick demonstration and then there will be lots of opportunity to draw and paint.

We will do some warm up mark making, followed by a piece inspired by the Helmet Vanga. As always, if people want to do their own thing, I am perfectly chilled, so you can do something else Helmet themed...

We can leave it as an ink drawing, or add watercolour washes at the end. Or you can add dilute ink at the end so that the piece is a monochrome pen and wash.

Materials to bring (no extra charge): Reference (print off); Dip pen nib and holder (I have about 10 so if people don't have one, I can certainly loan them out). I will also bring homemade cola pens in case anyone wishes to try those. Waterproof ink - Indian ink is my preference; heavy weight cartridge paper or if intending to add washes of watercolour, watercolour paper (Not) 140lb; Small piece of the paper you will be using to practise mark making; watercolour plus brushes if you wish to add washes, or you could keep it monochrome and use dilute ink; table covering/apron.

Please book via Eventbrite

Montage for watercolour workshop

26 Nov 2021

Experimental miniature landscapes with granulating watercolours
with Linda Saul

This is not a workshop covering traditional watercolour techniques. Working small we will use highly granulating watercolours in a very loose way, trying to get interesting flow effects and see how some pigments can be influenced by a magnet. Additional marks can then be added to the granulating watercolour washes to create imaginary landscapes.

Watercolours that granulate a lot are required for the techniques. Suitably granulating colours, including a ferromagnetic pigment, will be provided at a charge of £4 per participant.

You will need to bring: Table covering, Apron, The techniques used require letting washes run, sometimes off the paper, and so can be quite messy!, watercolour paper - ideally Hot Press i.e. smooth 1/4 imperial or A3 size lightweight board if you want it. You will need some paper to practice the granulating technique on. Because we are working small you can get away with a lightweight paper, even 90lb. You can use a board if it is light enough for you to hold comfortably in one hand and tilt in different directions. It is possible to do this technique without a board if your paper doesn't curl when wet. The tutor will bring sheets of 1/4 Imperial Saunders Waterford 90lb HP that can be purchased for £1/sheet. A ruler to tear or scissors to cut your paper into smaller bits - we will divide an A3 or 1/4 imperial sheet into two lengthways. Large brush - a mop if you have one but a large flat or round brush will do smallish round brush (or two) - about a size 12, kitchen roll, water pot, palette. Also bring your own watercolours and favourite brushes and watercolour pencils/sticks if you have them. Optional: small magnet.

Please book via Eventbrite

17 Dec 2021

Christmas Social


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