Summer Painting Day

Rabble Theatre Technical Rehearsals

Reading Abbey Ruins
Abbot’s Walk

6th June 2023

10 am – 3 pm

Our June date is something a bit different. We are lucky enough to have been invited to sketch or paint at the Rabble Theatre group’s technical rehearsals for their forthcoming production of Henry I, at Reading Abbey Ruins near Forbury Gardens.

Please arrive at 10 am at the Abbey Ruins. Photographs will be taken by Rabble’s marketing intern throughout the day, to share on their social media, so please don’t come if you don’t want your presence advertised! We will need to be respectful of the fact that this is a rehearsal and be quiet and not get in the way of proceedings.

If you have to drive, parking will need to be in the town car parks. Portaloos will be available on-site. Bring a picnic, or there are places nearby to buy snacks (including the Museum café).

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