Summer Painting Days

From April until September, we meet up to paint or sketch outdoors at different locations. This is a great opportunity to join with friends or wander off on your own to find the view that inspires you with other RGA members and friends nearby. We like to get together at the end of the day to share our results, but the day is totally unstructured. All members and friends are welcome, there is no RGA charge. You are responsible for individual expenses such as admission fees and parking charges, if applicable. Please bring along your own painting and drawing equipment and it’s a good idea to bring your own refreshments, although some locations do have a café.

Please either contact us or the organisers below if you have any questions regarding Summer Painting Days. If you have suggestions or ideas for future Summer Painting Days please let us know.

Kate Ellison-Bourne07739 981613
Shelagh Casebourne07798 828673
Karen Spencer07709 895274

Summer Painting Days are now taking a break for the winter and will return in April. In the meantime, why not join us at the RGA Fridays workshops.


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