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Esperanza Cuartero

I was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1969. Fifteen years ago my family and me decided to move to Reading, Berkshire, where we are still based. I got a degree in Journalism and have worked as an art journalist for ten years. I discovered oils thanks to my father, a self-taught painter inspired by a relative who was a quite well known local artist in La Mancha, Spain. I studied Art in Plástica School of Fine Arts in Madrid.

As a portrait artist, painting a face doesn’t mean painting only facial features. Just when you are able to paint what is not possible to be seen by the eye, a portrait is coming to life. Sometimes is easier, other times is more difficult but I always use the heart, the sixth sense, to approach the subject, like an introspective exercise. If as an artist I didn’t use it, I wouldn’t be sensitive enough to capture a thought, a pain, an expectation, a mood. At the end of the day the creative process is in fact a communication process: establishing bonds between the viewer and the piece of work to evoke emotions. In order to aim that desirable complicity, I use oils to blend many shades of colors. I could say my technique is based on the use of a wide range of oil tubes, mixtures. Colors are everywhere, is only a question of proportion what is seen or not.

I usually work from a set of photographs of the subject, the more the better. Commissions range from double portraits to shoulder and head portraits.

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