RGA Friday

Drypoint Printing Workshop

Tutor: Clare Butcha
22nd September 2023

In this workshop, Clare will introduce drypoint printing using a plastic plate, etching needles, and sandpaper to create line and plate tone.

Drypoint is a simple technique that requires no chemicals to produce a printable plate. This is using an intaglio method which means the ink is held in the scratched lines and burr produced when cutting in with an etching needle and sandpaper. The image is created using water-soluble etching inks and printed on damp etching paper using a high-pressure press. All materials and press will be supplied.

We will be working on an A5 size plate so if you have an image you wish to replicate bring a simple copy in black and white A5 size. Straight lines are easier! However, a variety of images of natural forms will be available. 

Please bring a table covering, newspapers, and an apron. Gloves will be supplied.

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