RGA Friday

Kitchen Table Etching

Tutor: Cath Baldwin
22nd March 2024

Using materials and equipment commonly found in the kitchen, learn how to produce a etching using recycled packaging. Tetrapack is commonly used for packaging many liquid foodstuffs such as oat milk and fruit juice, with a little preperation and creativity it is possible to use it as the plate for drypoint etching. 

During this workshop we will prepare and print images, exploring ways of applying texture and tone to our printing plates. 

What to bring:

  • Latex gloves – although the etching ink is water soluble it may stain hands.
  • An apron, scissors, craft knife and some old newspaper to protect the table you are working on.
  • Some images or your sketchbook to act as inspiration.

There will be an additional cost of £2.00 to cover the use of specialist paper and ink.

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