Picture of the Month

October 2023 – Robert Fitzmaurice

h177cm x w54 x d46cm

Copyright © 2024 Robert Fitzmaurice

Picture of the Month for October 2023 is Deity by Robert Fitzmaurice. It was chosen from the Members Gallery by Lou Jessop who says:

I have chosen Deity, a bronze sculpture by Robert Fitzmaurice. 

I am intrigued by this piece of work which to me carries incredible tranquility yet also something dark. 

The face is blissful, open ‘armed’, accepting, but the heavy body carries menace.

With my concerns about the state of the world through climate change and conflict I imagine the bomb-like body as a looming threat of annihilation above the jolly little humans capering on selfishly, obliviously. 

I like to think the figure behind is holding it back rather than preparing to release it…

The whole is a very pleasing piece of sculpture. 

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